The code

These are the PRs with the code of my GSoC project

Project goals

(All of the project’s goals have been achieved)

  • Modify the CFP, so that we can have many cfps for different reasons
  • Create non admin views and controller for tracks, so that users can submit requests for tracks
  • Create the role of the Track Organizer, who will be responsible for managing his/her tracks the same way a conference organizer is responsible for managing a conference
  • Add a finite state machine to the track model and allow the conference team to review the requests for tracks
  • Enable the submission of track requests, by adding a call for tracks and allowing the users to submit requests, when it is open
  • Allow the track organizer to review the event proposals of his/her tracks and create track specific schedules

Stretch goals

(All of the project’s stretch goals have been achieved)

  • Make the track state machine more complex by adding more states (to_accept, to_reject, confirmed, withdrawn), to the existing set of states (new, accepted, rejected, cancelled)
  • Allow the conference organizers to superseed a track’s organizers in the reviewal and scheduling of its events
  • Allow tracks to have multiple proposed schedules and a selected one

Changes outside of the original plan

  • Make the track urls more user friendly
  • Allow start/end dates and room to be assigned to all tracks, not only the self-organized ones
  • Add the ability to choose, for all tracks, if a track will be included in the cfp for events
  • Add a ‘relevance’ field for track requests, so that the requester can include information that won’t be publicly available, in contrast to the ‘description’ field

Further enhancements for after GSoC

  • Add ‘responsibles’ field for track requests, so that a track can have atleast a second track organizer, at the moment of confirmation, for redundancy
  • Add votes and comments for tracks to aid the review process
  • Add a ‘self_organized’ field to identify self-organized tracks, so that regular tracks can be turned to self-organized and vice versa
  • Allow the dates for a track to be unset