In February, a day or two before my Electronics II exam, I was bored, so I decided to build a lamp using a bottle of Akakies sparkling wine I had lying around and an ATTiny84.

Parts list

  • Empty bottle
  • ATTiny84
  • 5v to 10v DC-DC step up converter
  • 30 purple/UV leds
  • 10 50Ω resistors
  • 2 ULN2803A
  • Push button
  • USB type A male socket
  • PCB
  • wires
  • wire cutter
  • soldering iron
  • hot glue gun to isolate the connections (we don’t want things to start touching and short out)


The LEDs are organized in 10 series of 3 LEDs each, connected in parallel. Each series is independently controlled by the microcontroller. Also, those series of LEDs are physically organized in 4 levels. The first (upper) level consists of a single series, the second has 2, the third 3 and the fourth (lower) 4.
The tricky part is to deploy the circuit inside the bottle after soldering it.


The software currently supports 5 modes that can be interchanged by pressing the button

  1. Blank (All the LEDs are off)
  2. Full (All the LEDs are on)
  3. Waterfall (Tries to give the impression of water falling)
  4. Party (Tries to give the impression of a fountain/champagne bottle popping)
  5. Random (It generated 30 random frames and plays them in a loop)

Power requirements

It is designed to draw 500mA @ 5V (max) from a USB port, so that it can be powered from a computer/powerbank/phone charger

Schematic and source code

You can find them in the repository


This is a photo I took during the software development phase development photo

And the final lamp with the circuit enclosed in the black box with the button lamp off lamp on